Our vision is to be the world leader in Global Mental Health.


Our mission is to improve health and well-being, with a special focus on mental health.


We focus on developing safe, innovative, and culturally appropriate mental health solutions through research.


We foster collaboration and knowledge exchange to advance mental health initiatives on a global scale.


In support of its mission, PILL will increase awareness, reduce stigma and promote training in research methods and generate research to achieve the following objectives:

Gather evidence of rates and risk factors for mental health conditions to inform health and social care policy.

Develop and test culturally appropriate treatments.

Implementation of effective interventions into health infrastructure.

Impact activities to influence health and social care practices.

Our Values

E – Equal opportunity for all
Q – Quality care and research
U – Unconditional respect and regard for all
A – Accountability leading to trustworthiness
L – Lead by example
I – Integrity based on ethical principles / practice
T – Teamwork and partnerships
Y – Yes to good mental health and no stigma