Dr. Tayyeba Kiran

Assistant Director Research and Development

Tayyeba Kiran is a Research Coordinator for Global Mental Health at University of Manchester. At Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL), her role is of Assistant Director of Research and Development, and is also a Clinical Psychologist and Research Associate. At PILL, she is also the Trial Manager of the CMAP project (Multicenter RCT to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of a culturally adapted therapy in patients with a history of self-harm). She has successfully trained more than 100 Lady Health Workers (LHWs) in ‘Learning through Play Plus’ program, which was a project funded by Grand Challenges Canada (GCC).

Her research interests are psychological medicine, qualitative research and cultural adaptation and refinement of psychosocial interventions including parenting interventions, problem solving training and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. She is a co-investigator on large multicenter studies funded by the Medical Research Council and the Grand Challenges Canada. She is proactively involved in strengthening capacity and capability building of young researchers in LMICs under supervision of national and international experts.