What is Health Economics?

Economics is the study of insufficiency of resources. Health economics is a combination of two fields – economics and health care. This field is widely applied all over the world. Health economics applications refer a willingness to achieve maximum monetary value by establishing clinical and cost-effectiveness of healthcare provision.

Center of Health Economics Research was established in spring 2017 under the umbrella of Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning. The department is providing high-quality research and teaching with the help of internationally renowned faculties in the field of Health Economics & Biostatistics. The Center of Health Economics Research has taken pioneer step to overcome problems arise about health and financial aspect of selection of best treatment. Department is aimed to produce Health Economist that would be involved in setting out the priorities for the best allocation of resource, making policies and criteria for successful interventions, offering choices to public health decision makers. The department is also providing helping hand to local researchers in the relevant field and provides better understanding about scarcity of resources in Pakistan and availing opportunities to overcome health related issues with limited resources.

  • To understand the nature and implications of health Economics across the globe specially in Pakistan.
  • To evaluate risks and challenges those come across in economic development of healthcare sector.
  • To provide the financial ease to people in choosing best alternative in terms of healthcare solutions.
  • To declare the innovation policies of Health Economics for the global digital age.