Community Engagement and Involvement Group (CEIG)


To promote human-centered community engagement and involvement that respects all communities’ cultural, religious and social values.


To better equip researchers and CEI groups by encouraging participatory approaches, fostering innovation and building knowledge to promote community health and well-being.


Increasing sustainability of communities and researchers through active and inclusive engagement and involvement, and by building capacity and capability.

Working with and strengthening collaborations and linkages with communities.
Co-producing an evidence-based CEI model for research.
Dissemination through active engagement with local communities as well as national and global partners.
Embedding monitoring, reporting and evaluation of research outcomes.


Outputs: systematic reviews, grant applications, publications

Outputs: stakeholders’ consultation, Theory of Change.

Outputs: Qualitative research including interviews, Focus Groups, analysis, translation and adaptation of CEI materials, awareness raising, education and training

  • Providing CEI training to the researchers for commencing project related activities.
  • Supporting researchers in developing CEI groups, involving stakeholders including partner organization and community involvement for all divisions and themes to refine CEI activities and quality improvement.


  • Developing a tool for the evaluation of the impact of CEI for relevant research.
  • Supporting researchers for community engagement and involvement (CEI) activities.
  • Supporting and strengthening the way CEI perspective is taken up in research.
  • Overseeing the timely conduct of CEI activities in specific research projects.
  • Keeping track of adherence of ethical standards of all CEI activities.
  • Standard template in place to plan, conduct and monitor CEI activities for all PILL projects
  • CEI plans for each PILL project in place
  • Systems in place for monitoring of CEIG work-streams
  • Evaluation reports (bi-annual)
  • Blogs produced from bi-annual reports


  • Webpage, publications, PILL annual journal, newsletter, distribution of awareness raising material, community events.
  • Public Awareness Message
  • CaPSI Public Service Message
  • CEI Group Presentation
  • Sabar Awareness Message

1. Role and Functions of CEIG

  • To ensure adherence to appropriate guidelines and policies for CEI.
  • Monitoring record of CEI activities aligning with the relevant research study.
  • Promoting proactive involvement of CEI by reaching hard-to-reach and underserved vulnerable populations (both deprived and remote).
  • Involving CEI perspective to foster sustainability and diversity in the wider community.
  • Working with local and international partners to exchange perspectives and strengthen collaboration and co-production of research.

2. CEIG Membership and Structure

The group will involve key stakeholders, including service users, carers, community members, potential members from local and international partner organizations, public health and mental health experts. The chair may invite other potential members to attend meetings when required. A CEI Advisory Group comprised of service users nominated by Division leads to represent each division.

This CEIG will support the Advisory Group in developing their Terms of Reference.

Courses and Trainings

We are dedicated to providing programs, services and resources for groups that are involved in the fields of mental health or the behavioral sciences. Our goal is to create an environment where all community members have opportunities to participate and contribute.

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