Our Mission

The mission of Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL) is to improve the health and well being of people with an emphasis on mental health difficulties. Our focus is on gathering evidence to inform health and social care policy. We want to develop and test culturally appropriate treatments and if effective contribute to the implementation into the health infrastructure.

About PILL

Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning is a Trust established in 1998 in memory of a renowned psychiatrist of Pakistan, Gen. (R) Dr Ishrat Husain (Late). In continuation of an organization (PILL) is a leading research based organization in Pakistan with the expertise in innovative, culturally oriented intervention research studies. The focus of most of its research is on epidemiology and the development of appropriate intervention to address the huge mental health treatment gap. PILL strives towards better maternal and child health through community based mental health interventions and empowerment of women and families for taking charge of their lives and contributing to their own and children health improvement. Another important area of PILL research is clinical trials for effectiveness of novel drugs especially for severe mental illnesses like Psychosis and major depression. The Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning, a well being and resilience promoting organization, is dedicated to promoting optimal mental health in infants, children, youth, their families, and communities in healthy psycho-social functioning and development. The early child development program called Learning Through Play (LTP) is one of the important initiatives of the organization.

Organizational Structure