The Noor Fellowship has been developed to improve access and opportunity for all children to education, health and wellbeing. To begin with, our main focus will be the children of frontline ancillary staff working in healthcare who are often unable to meet the basic needs of their families let alone afford to pay for their children’s education and schooling. . We believe in the equal opportunities for all children, irrespective of their circumstances. Sadly, too many children in Pakistan have never seen the inside of a classroom. We believe the youth of this country has great potential to excel, if given the resources and nurturing to do so. Frontline staff spend long hours in incredibly stressful situations, often with salaries that are insufficient but who are too proud to ask for hand-outs.

Our Vision: Education is a right for all children and not a privilege. We strive towards a more equal society, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully.

Our Aim: To provide support to frontline ancillary health staff children in order to improve access to education, health services and well-being.

Donations to the Noor Fellowship will go directly towards:

  1. Annual school fees
  2. Uniforms
  3. School books and supplies

There will be an application process to determine eligibility into the sponsored education program and the progress of each child that is enlisted will be reflected in monthly reports. We are grateful for your contribution, and whole-heartedly believe that together we will shape a better future.

You can deposit the donations for this noble cause in the following account number:

Account No.:                      0110007900217892
Bank:                                   FAYSAL BANK LIMITED
Branch:                               MAIN BRANCH, KARACHI